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you resource for all things shoegaze & dream pop.

28 July 2017

INTERVIEW: Manuel Joseph Walker of FOLIAGE.

Foliage is a California-based 4-piece consisting of Manuel Joseph Walker (vocals and guitar), Anthony Walker (bass guitar), Alex Lara (guitar), and Ethan Rodriguez (drums). The band’s sophomore LP, Silence, was just released on July 20th via Spirit Goth. Lovers of nostalgic jangle pop – take note. Foliage has nailed this sound, embracing the classic elements while also contributing fresh tones and nuances.

We first became aware of the band after the release of debut LP Truths in 2015. The songs were well-crafted and intelligent, and the lo-fi janglepop sound was easy to love. Little did we know, Manuel was only 16 years old at the time, making the debut even more impressive. On Silence, the newly released sophomore offering, Foliage has honed their signature sound, with each aspect of their songcraft sparkling just a little more brightly than before. The approach to production is more incisive, and there’s a new maturity, clarity and depth to their sound. We highly recommend that you check out Silence, and we hope you enjoy getting to know more about Manuel through the following interview.

How and when was the band formed?
When I was 16, I put out a song called “The Things I Do for Love”. A few friends of mine really liked the song, so I decided to write an album. I hit up my homie Alex about playing guitar in the band if Foliage were to ever become something. We got the band together and played a series of shows throughout 2015, following the release of Truths, the debut album from Foliage.

The band has gone through quite a few lineup changes, but Alex Lara has remained the guitar player in Foliage. I like to handle the songwriting and the recording/production standpoint of Foliage, but the band consists of Anthony Walker on bass guitar, Alex Lara on guitar, Ethan Rodriguez on drums, and myself on vocals and guitar.


Your sophomore LP, Silence, just came out. I love it! How do you think it compares to your first album (which I also adored)? Did you use any new recording techniques or approaches in general this time around?
Thank you very much, glad you're enjoying it. I'm also glad you loved Truths, as well. I think Silence is definitely a better record. Truths is more or less just the average dream pop record, full of melancholy songs longing for love. It's a great debut, but it's nothing very special or unique in anyway in my opinion.

Silence is a much different and more mature record. I feel as if Foliage has made a name for itself with not only the songwriting, but the distinct sound and production on the new record.  I went for a cleaner sound with Silence; I wanted people to hear the lyrics and feel all of the instruments, without a wash of reverb, while still remaining as ethereal as possible, if not moreso. 

19 July 2017

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17 July 2017

EXCLUSIVE TRACK PREMIERE: A Thousand Hours | Its Rumoured.

A Thousand Hours is a 4-piece spearheaded by the duo of Red Collier and Demi Haynes. “Its Rumoured” is taken from their forthcoming sophomore LP, Sleep, which will be released on July 22 via Vesper Records

Mastered by Greg Wilson of DKFM, Sleep is a gorgeous follow-up to Endless Grey, the band’s debut LP. The new sounds occupy a dreamier space, more akin to Cocteau Twins and early 4AD acts than the slowcore elements that defined their debut. 

“Its Rumoured” was written and composed by the talented Demi Haynes. She pulls out all the stops on this one – gorgeous vocals (delivered by Ali Kellogg of Sister Calypso) and a mesmerizing melody that truly sparkles. We’re so excited to premiere this tune for you.